Agriculture & Hobby

Agriculture & Hobby

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The capability of nanoYo to protect fruit from decomposition caused by aging hormones ethylene gas, eliminates fungi, enables farmers, producers and suppliers to manage the maturity of the fruits and to deliver a superior quality product to the customers.

Fresh Fruits to Your Door…


  • Decomposes the airborne pollutant and reduces the ammonia level, eliminates odor, improves the Air Quality.
  • Reduces the use of antibiotics and chemical disinfectant.
  • The cleaning of the farms facilities are easier and simpler. Maintain the farm areas always in clean condition.
  • The farm animals are healthy and more productive. The raising of the livestock is very cost effective.

A Healthy Livestock!


Cure skin diseases of pets and can deodorize them, odor control on the litter box and sanitizes the food and drinking-water bowl.

Keep your pet healthy and the smell gone…….!

Beautiful Aquariums

Fish Pond

Aquariums and Fish pond are free from algae, nice to look at and fish swim happily. Cleaning is easier and less frequently needed.

Giving you a peaceful view to look at…